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Much Love ❤


Hello!!! Blog post you ask??

Yes… One to ask for a little bit of your time to make 2 little girls very happy! I think we have almost exhausted the world of ‘Social Media’ through Instagram and Facebook! So, I thought I’d have a crack here through my blog!

A few weeks ago, a super cute sock/merchandise company opened up a competition to find 5 Ambassadors for their very popular company called MadMia – Super crazy, exciting, standout, colourful socks!

Our gorgeous girls entered and were picked to feature as potential ambassadors! The rest is left up to YOU!! (well, the world of likes/social media!) Instagram counts as 1 vote, Facebook likes are doubled! Whilst this is something that I continually tell them “Life isn’t about how many LIKES you have, it is about being the best person you possibly can be and treating people like you would like to be treated!” They are super excited to be in the running for this opportunity!

Anyway… the time has come and TODAY is the last day to VOTE for these gorgeous girls!

I’ll hand it over to them!

I’m Lucie – Almost 8 | Gymnast ❤ Hair to die for, a little bit stubborn, animal lover, smart, gorgeous, caring and funny! Mango is my favourite food, I love to draw, swim, eat cupcakes and ride unicorns while wearing my MadMia!

“Please vote for me HERE on Facebook and INSTAGRAM so I can be the best MadMia ambassador that I can be ❤ DSC_7545


I’m Lilli – Almost 10 | Acrobatic Gymnast ❤ Looks that could kill, super sassy, animal lover, smart, beautiful, caring and funny! Pizza is my favourite food, I love to sing, be a mermaid, prank my Dad and wear my MadMia socks while I go on holidays and ‘explore’ the world!”

Please vote for me HERE on Facebook and INSTAGRAM so I can be the best MadMia ambassador that I can be ❤ DSC_7565.jpg

THANK YOU from both of us! If we have your vote, we are sending you all the biggest ‘virtual’ hug you have EVER had!

What are you waiting for? Help a MadMia girl out ❤

Much Love
Lilli & Lucie!



Let me Explain!

Uncovering Kindness ~ Project 52! The ‘little’ project I decided to commit to way back in January! 14 weeks have been completed and blogged! Then… a sudden STOP! Let me explain why… I am 4 weeks behind and to be honest, (and it is not a good excuse) life has been hectic and a lot has happened over the last month and I have quite literally been drowning in my ‘to-do’ list!

The first ‘hiccup’ was when Willis passed away. ‘Life’ as I knew it for the past 7 months had drastically stopped (changed) and whilst I had more time on my hands not checking on him every waking moment or prepping his meals, rushing him to the vet, giving him medication… or simply just laying with him not knowing if it would be the last time. I seemed to have lost the days much quicker than I did when he was alive. And… out of nowhere it is 4 weeks later and I am not sure how!?31732027_10156427222384529_5330292346934263808_n

I have also been working hard with a new venture in my ‘life’. Burst of Light Crystal Therapy. Last year I completed my diploma as a qualified Crystal Therapist. For those of you that aren’t sure what crystal therapy is, basically it is an alternate holistic approach to ‘healing’ the body through vibrations, energy, positivity and mindfulness. I have been trying my hardest to find a suitable ‘space’ to set up my healing room, call my own and begin my new journey in offering this amazing service to all that are open to try! I am lucky enough to have been ‘given’ a space (which I am incredibly grateful for) to use for my guided group crystal meditations… and just on the quiet, not far off setting up a permanent healing space for one on one sessions. It will be different and it will be unique, but I am excited and I hope that you will all LOVE it. Day329

Lilli is 9 and her life is changing drastically (way to early) and we are dealing with a very emotional little girl who is struggling to understand that she is growing up way too quick! What she doesn’t know is that I am struggling 10 fold with seeing her ‘grow up’. My little baby isn’t so little anymore. People that really know me, know that I only had one child for a very good reason and whilst not the ‘Mummy’ of mummies, I still love her so much and hate to see her grow so quickly in what has felt like 10 minutes! Trying to spend some extra time with her while ‘life’ changes, instead of “Are you blogging again Mum, another 3 hours I suppose?”Day33531815457_1916164781729325_3260040886750281728_n.jpgDay27

And…. renovations! They never bloody end, but the last month has seen the front and back of our house ‘transform’ into something that is so so so much safer and a little more easy on the eye! That also comes at a ‘cost’ and the cost must be paid for by the many many days of overtime that Adam has been doing to make it all do-able! Thanks for working your arse off for us! To our family and friends… we will have a celebration, but please BYO your own outdoor furniture as we can’t afford to supply that yet ;p I was going to post some photos but I just can’t be bothered sending them to my phone off Adams and then uploaded them to here, so if you are keen to have a look-see, most of you know where I live ;p

Adam and I also celebrated (did separate things) an anniversary that saw us together for 18 years in April! Untitled-1.jpg

I have been a little busy capturing some precious memories for friends and family over the last few months as well ❤ Editing is the part of memory creating that takes the longest and it needs to be done when I have my full attention on it. I am getting there and nearly up to date! By up to date, I mean almost about to sort through the 1728 images that were captured at a beautiful friends wedding on the weekend! As simply stunning as the images are, ‘work’ is work and motivation is needed to get them sorted! I am asking the universe to send me some of that right now!!! Motivation that is… not work ;p Just to show you all that I have been busy… and because I like to share, here are some of my favourites from this year ❤Untitled-1 copyDSC_2315DSC_2896DSC_1431 copyDSC_2383 copy bwDSC_1366 copy.jpgIMG_1860DSC_0685.jpgDSC_2424DSC_1323DSC_0424DSC_1420 copyDSC_2883DSC_1248aDSC_2136DSC_1007 copyDSC_2866DSC_0824DSC_3668DSC_3072

So now that I have shared with you all, my ‘excuses’! I want to apologise for not sticking to my promise in find a community ‘angel’ every week for the duration of 2018! I did however mention at the start that I’d be happy to find half of those weeks if it came to the ‘crunch’! Well… lets face it, its crunch time! I am NOT giving up but I am giving myself a ‘break’. What I’ve learnt in the most busiest year of my life so far is that time just keeps ticking over and it gets faster, the older I get. Time is precious and so is that of my family and friends (which have been suffering from this little mission I’m on). IMG_5793.jpgIMG_5741.jpgDSC_314330964698_10215794002780998_259183385_o31882932_10156429869834529_3703868079676063744_n

So, I’m leaving the ball in your court, keep following me and my blog in the hope that I can get my shit together and reach at least 26 weeks of uncovering kindness or stop following and never know ;p If you are outta here, I understand and I just want to say THANK YOU for sticking it out this long ❤ If you are staying strong and sticking with me, a massive THANK YOU for not giving up on me!

Incase anyone has an ‘Angel’ that I am yet to uncover, below is the start of it all ❤

Screen shot.jpg


Much Love ❤




Week 14 ~ Uncovering Kindness ~ Valerie Jones and her Second Chance Dolls ~ Community Volunteer

14 weeks down! What a crazy couple of weeks. I seem to hit publish on one blog and then its time to sit and start another! 38 to go! I am not going to lie and say that its been easy but I’m getting there!

I hate the feeling of ‘giving’ up or ‘failing’ at something! So… I may need some extra help over the coming weeks. The ‘nominations’ have stopped coming in to me! So please, if you know someone, or you are someone that is helping in the community in any way… big or small, email me –

Ok… enough about me and onto week 14’s ‘angel’! Valerie Jones! She has been nominated for uncovering kindness by her husband Roy Jones (you can read a little on Roy in week 8). Valerie was born in Gladstone and at one stage 5 generations of her family were alive and living here! How awesome is that? She is 1 of 10 children! Some of her hobbies include making clothes (including wedding and prom dresses in the past), knitting, crocheting, sewing, doing puzzles, saving dolls and of course, volunteering in the community.  Valerie said “I love to help and keep busy. What else do you do? If you don’t use it, you’ll loose it.” – (referring to her mind)Christmas break-up 2017 copy.jpg

Val started her volunteer journey back in 1982 at the Blood Bank after she had given up work and a friend asked her to help out. “Back then it only ran of a night time. Once a week I would go into the centre in the morning with the manager, Joyce. We would prepare the day ahead, ring donors and confirm appointments by phone and get ready for the busy night ahead. I used to take blood pressure, rock the blood bag and take the needle out and wrap the arm. These days, there is none of that.” Val had a short break from the centre after her father passed and she was caring for her mum in a wheelchair. She soon returned after the passing of her mum and still to this day goes in every fortnight with her husband Roy to help with the preparation of the blood boxes. 

In March 2012, Valerie started volunteering at Evenglow, this group runs a day out for the elderly in aged care every fortnight on a Wednesday at the Seniors Citizens Hall. They have residents from Binderee, Edenvale and New Auckland Place. Other community members over 50 are also welcome to join the fun. The volunteers arrange, morning tea, an hour of hoy, an hour of entertainment and a 2 course lunch to follow. There are also lucky door prizes and raffles that include items that can be of use (which Val also donates gifts to). When I met for a chat with Val, her and Roy had just finished up an early Anzac day themed and inspired lunch at Evenglow, where they had speeches and traditional Anzac day celebrations.Deb & Bil with Val Jones doing random draw 28-3-18 copyVal Jones with clients 6 Dec 2017 copy

Later in 2012, Valerie also started to spend her time at Blue Care on Tuesdays where she sorts through the clothes and stock that comes in. She gets rid of the stuff that isn’t saleable and brings home items that can be ‘mended’ and then takes it back to be sold! Unfortunately, there is a lot of junk that comes in amongst the resale-able items but we really appreciate the donations.” Every 5 weeks Valerie is in charge of the jewellery and doll sales at the weekend garage sales that are held at Blue Care. Fridays 7am – 3pm and Saturdays 7am – 12pm. She said that “all the volunteers are so very generous at blue care and I get sad that sometimes people take advantage of that and steal from us, we just try to keep an eye out.” 

So, this brings me to the most exciting part (well I think it is anyway!) of Valerie’s kindness. Giving the baby dolls (and toys) of blue care a revamp and a chance at a new home ❤ Valerie takes home all the dolls and the clothes that come in and soaks them for 2 days. Cleans them up and mends everything that needs to be fixed. If the body isn’t salvageable, Val makes a whole new body! She also sews/knits/crochets booties, undies, dresses, bonnets for each doll that needs a new wardrobe and in some special cases a whole carry bag, mattress, pillow and crocheted blanket. She then dresses the dolls and prices them to suit. The dolls are then taken back to blue care and sold. All the work, time and the materials that go into these dolls are donated by Valerie and she doesn’t want anything for them. She gives all the proceeds from these recreated dolls back to blue care.

DSC_2399 copyDSC_2401 copyDSC_2400 copyDSC_2407 copyDSC_2408 copyDSC_2406 copyDSC_2402 copy

Valerie also makes up dolls to donate to the dementia patients at the local aged care facilities. “The patients absolutely loves them and they think they are the real deal, its so wonderful to see.”  DSC_2409 copy

This doll below is one of Val’s favourites. This special girl with the beautiful smile was found by her daughter in a rubbish bin. Valerie said ‘She’ll end up staying, she won’t go anywhere, her face just says thank you for giving me a second chance.’

DSC_2403 copy

Val, it was an absolute joy to meet with you and find out what you do in your spare time and just a little more special to find out that your knew my nana ❤ I hope that you keep being the beautiful person you are and volunteering in the community for many years to come. I hope that you and Roy have a very safe 3mth trip around Australia in July and enjoy the much deserved break! Thank you for being my week 14, Doll Dressing ‘Angel’! ❤

DSC_2412 copy

~ Leave a little kindness wherever you go ~

~ Unknown ~


Much Love ❤




P.S. –  At the start of this project, I had a goal for the number of followers that I could get on ‘Burst of Light’ blog before the year was up! I’m going to give that a chop in half and while that will still be a little out of the target range, I’m going to give it a crack! So, if you aren’t ‘following’ yet… why not!?

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 7.45.09 am









Week 13 ~ Uncovering Kindness ~ True Light ~ Josephine & Opdesh

Week 13 is bringing in a little bit of “Light”… everyone needs some of this in their life right?

Well, meet some light giving angels this week… Josephine and Opdesh ❤

DSC_1526 copy.jpgDSC_1518 copy

Josephine and her husband, Opdesh have been giving the gift of True Light since 1980. It is the practice of radiating purified energy from the palm of the hand. This energetic healing practice can be given to any part of the body including any particular spots of pain. Opdesh radiating True Light.jpg

True light is currently practiced in over 70 countries around the world and is said to improve health, harmony and material well being in your life. It first works on the spiritual level and then into the emotional, mental and physical body.  It is known to help dissipate the effects of negativity in ones life.

DSC_1523 copyDSC_1520 copyDSC_1524 copy

You can find Josephine and Opdesh at the monthly PCYC markets where they set up and give this gift of light to the community for FREE! These markets are held on the 2nd Sunday of every month. No obligation and everyone is welcome. You can receive the purifying energy for up to 50 minutes at a time but when sharing True Light at the markets, they will perform it in 10 minutes.

market stay cool

Josephine says ~ “True light is practical and is used by Doctors, Nurses, Teachers and Mothers all over the world. It is applicable to all situations. I love to share with others and I have seen real and wonderful things happen for friends and family after receiving light. It is a wonderful practice that is open to anyone. Anyone may learn to do this practice also. It is not hard. 10 year old children and above can learn to give light.

DSC_1522 copy

Before I actually ‘interviewed’ Josephine about the beautiful free gift that she and Opdesh are giving to the community, I sat in the chair and received light (without the ins and out of knowing what is was all about). As this purification of energy is along the lines of what I actually do and find incredibly beneficial to all. I was a little ‘nervous’ and not sure what or how it was suppose to feel but I found it quite interesting! At first I was hearing all the ‘stuff’ around me and then by the end I was so relaxed and calm, I could barely hear any other noises other than my ‘thoughts. The following day I felt lighter and clearer… like I knew what it was that I wanted to create with the ‘plans’ I have going on at the moment. Whether that be mind over matter or the True Light that I received… its all good right?

DSC_1519 copy

Josephine also mentioned that if there was sufficient interest in people learning about this beautiful free service, that they could possibly host a course in Gladstone! “That would be amazing for our town” she said. 
So if this has interested you, please try out a different type of light in your life, head down and see our community ‘true light giving angels’ at the PCYC markets and have a chat ❤ I will definitely be heading down for another session in the near future!

~ “Give light and people will find the way!” ~

~Ella Baker~

Much Love ❤

What you talkin’ bout Willis

To all my new followers that are here for the ‘Uncovering Kindness ~ Project 52’… I’ll have to apologise that there won’t be one this week (I will try to catch up). Sorry!

This week, I am going to share a part of ‘my’ life with you. I hope thats ok!

When you welcome an animal into your life, it’s forever right? Wrong 😦 They very rarely outlive us… and that sucks, but when their life is cut into a 3rd of what they deserve… it sucks a million times over!

❤ Willis ❤
American Staffy
Born 21st April 2014
Stole our hearts
 Left our world shattered to pieces, 31st March 2018
3yrs 11 mths young 

Dear Willis, (Mate, Big Boy, Buddy, Big Fella)
Here… is ‘your’ story!

You came into our lives when we weren’t even looking. 2 yrs after Rebel ran the rainbow bridge you joined our tribe. Something about your little face just stole our hearts. We came to meet you and the rest was history. We brought you home and we love sharing our life with you! We had everything ready and everything that a new puppy needed, including a newborn photoshoot!Untitled-1Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 7.19.16 amDSC_1279DSC_1277 copy

You sleep so much, so cuddly and soft! We just can’t put you down! You have stolen our hearts and we don’t think we could love anything anymore than we do you! We never get anything done anymore because you are just too stinking cute!Sleepy

Although Ella is a little worried you may eat all the food, she quickly realised that you were here to keep her company also. She loves you and looks after you just like a big sister should. You love to play and challenge her to a good bout of tug-o-war! The toys… they never last more than 5 minutes, well that was until I found the blue indestructible staffy ball! That ball is your most favourite toy!toys.jpgDay111toys2DSC_5333toys1.jpg

There is one other item that you have never managed to rip to shreds, that being a dingo tyre! Hours of enjoyment and slobber has been put into the attempts to rip it apart, unlike the bed that you decided wasn’t going to be ‘comfortable’ enough?screen-shot-2018-04-01-at-7-45-11-am.jpgDSC_5359

Lilli is your life and she loves you like her very best friend! You share everything together and you stay close when she is sick. The bond that you have with her is amazing and even though your tail whips her on the back of the legs when you are near, she knows that you just can’t contain the excitement you feel when you are with her. The licks and slobber that you continually smack upon everyones face is only showing the love you have to give! lilli3Lilli2Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 7.35.54 amLilliScreen Shot 2018-04-01 at 7.35.42 am

Early morning workouts with me are so terribly hard for you ;p You know you aren’t allowed on the equipment but you can’t help but be involved. I always wonder how you don’t get your nose burnt on the treadmill as you lay so close just watching, waiting until I’m done. WorkoutScreen Shot 2018-04-01 at 8.00.20 am

Riding in the back of the ute is one of your most favourite things to do even though you refuse to jump up and need us to lift your heavy 38kg arse in! You always smile and try to snap the wind as it rushes past. You tried to catch it with such commitment that you snapped your harness and nearly jumped from the back. Since then, watching you ride on the back always gives me a heart attack! Double the clips and double the harness quality is in order ;pscreen-shot-2018-04-01-at-7-58-50-am.jpgUtescreen-shot-2018-04-01-at-7-53-36-am.jpg

Riding in the back, usually means the BEACH is coming! That long, never ending strip of sand, waves to be jumped and sticks to be chased! You love it all… you will run for hours! Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 7.44.49 ambeachScreen Shot 2018-04-01 at 7.57.25 am

Hose chasing is one of your specialities, we can not for one second think about watering the garden or hosing out the bin without you jumping and chasing the water! You chewed up the nozzle just waiting for it to spirt out that spray of ‘fun’! Bathing you is such an easy task these days! Day40hoseDay15

Passing time on the grass in the sun is just what you do! Hanging out, just waiting for someone to give you a little attention! Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 7.19.27 amDSC_5328screen-shot-2018-04-01-at-7-36-33-am.jpg

We can no longer measure you by sitting on the coffee table as you have grown way to big for that!!!Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 7.39.25 am

For such a big excitable boy, you are amazingly gentle with the kids. I love that you love to play with them and get involved in their games even when they are yelling at you to ‘stop licking Willis!’Day38kidScreen Shot 2018-04-01 at 7.44.13 amDay105Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 7.38.33 am copyDay243

The ONLY time that you ever look ‘scary’ is when you know that your dinner is coming and you may just eat through the glass to get to it… because clearly you are starving! Food is one of the biggest highlights of your days! Life’s not worth living if there isn’t food involved, right? You love everything, not one bit fussy ;pScreen Shot 2018-04-01 at 8.02.57 amfood

On the 26th September 2017, I heard ‘Dad (Adam)’ yelling from the back yard that there was something wrong, that you were choking, and couldn’t breathe…. It lasted what felt like forever. We rushed you to the vet in which time it had stopped. You had previously just been playing with your blue ball and we thought that you have been stung in the throat by an insect. You came home and everything was ‘normal’. Although I kept thinking that you were a little bit quieter, a little ‘different’.

3 weeks later, on the 18th of October, I called you up for breakfast, when you didn’t come my heart skipped a beat. I ran down the stairs to find you barely able to walk and looking at me like you needed help. I was scared, so scared. We got you to the vet and the only thing that stopped this episode was anti-seizure medication. You stayed in hospital over night until we picked you up the next morning and drove you to the specialist in Brisbane.Day290psdScreen Shot 2018-04-01 at 8.04.13 amDay291

Here, at the Queensland Veterinary Specialists they were so thorough, they tested you on everything and the last test was an MRI scan and a spinal fluid withdrawal. This would determine whether you had a brain tumour or meningitis, neither of which we wanted to hear. We left you there to have the operation that took over 3 hours. Our hearts were racing and I cried the whole time waiting for the phone-call that you had come out of surgery. The phone finally rang, NO tumour but the inflammation on his brain is ‘very significant and official results will be in late tomorrow.’

We came to visit you the next day, spending an hour with you laying on the floor, telling you that everything will be ok and we will go home soon.screen-shot-2018-04-01-at-8-04-25-am.jpgScreen Shot 2018-04-01 at 8.05.46 am

Just after we left for you to rest a little more, you had a Grand Mal seizure and had to be on continuous watch in ICU from then on. Results came back later that day which confirmed what we already knew. The medication was started, you had a 50/50 chance of responding too it! This broke my heart, I didn’t understand how this may not be fixed! That you will possibly never be off the medication. That your life would completely change.Day292

You were discharged on the 22nd of October and we got to come home, I was so unsure of what was to come. My tummy in knots because I know that you are so sick. Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 8.04.30 am copy

You are so unsteady on your feet and terribly tired all the time. We have to make sure that you can’t climb the stairs because you could hurt yourself. You drink so much water now and pee lots and lots. I want to help you to recover as quickly as possible so I rang the Natural Vets in the Sunshine Coast for alternative medications and options to help support you throughout this shitty place we are in and to get you better as quick as possible. Day295Day302

We start the supporting homeopathic/natural medications along with the ketogenic diet, which included ‘pulped’ vegetables, good quality meats, fats, organs, beans, turmeric and eggs. You are having 3 main meals per day with 2 snacks as you have lost 6 kilos and we need to fatten you up and give you back some strength. You are allowed to have treats that include chicken frames, pigs ears, liver, bananas, sardines, berry smoothies, roast sweet potato and pumpkin! You eat better than us right now ;p Meals are prepped and frozen every time ‘Dad’ has days off. Homeopathic drops are given 4 times per day, frankincense is rubbed on your neck and diffused for you! foods.jpg

7 days out of ICU and we are off for a check up at our local vet. Things look great ❤ I’m starting to believe that you are going to get better and come out the other side whipping your tail and licking everyone’s face!Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 8.04.58 am.jpg

Back at the vet for your 2 week check up and a blood test to make sure all your medication levels are in the right ‘area’! You nailed it!! My stomach is slowly starting to ‘unknot’ and I’m so excited that we are pulling through. You have started playing with your ball again and you told Dad in your staffy talk that you’d appreciate it if he could spray the hose in your direction. Your tail is even starting to wag again! The 3 week mark for the response to medication is just around the corner and I am so stinking proud of you! You are one tough cookie! A true fighter!Day309Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 8.04.37 am

A medication drop of 1/4 tablet for 3 days and on the 15th of November, we are about to give you breakfast until we realise that you are frothing at the mouth, scared and twitching all over. I ring the vet on call and for circumstances out of our control, you seizured for 2 hours. My heart is pumping, tears screaming down my face and all we can do is sit with you and say its ok. I want so bad to stop it for you and make you better. Dad finally got to the vet and there is no time to speak. You are over heating and you need to be put on fluids and given an IV line. In hospital overnight once again and I can’t sleep. Terrified if you are going to be ok in the morning. We come to get you late the next afternoon and the damage that had been done yesterday was smacking me in the face. My heart sinks deep into my stomach and I can see all the work that we had done together slip away. “Time is limited, many cuddles and lots of love are in order”.

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 8.05.48 amDay316Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 8.04.40 am

My alarm is set throughout the night every 2hrs to check on you. I do not leave the house for more than that either unless someone is able to pop in and make sure that you are ok. You are our life. Unfortunately, medication has increased to prevent further seizures happening for the next week. The medication that has to be given not only brings the inflammation down from the meningitis but also attacks the muscles that you have in your body. Your head just gets skinnier everyday I look at you. My heart breaks and I can’t wait to get you off the tablets. You still manage to come in and hang out while I do a work out each morning, although you sleep all the time, never bark, don’t play and rarely wag your tail. I’m sure you are living for the food!garagehead

I have lost count on the amount of times I have asked myself if we are doing the right thing by you! I have also lost count on the amount of times people ask me ‘why?’ or I get the look of ‘don’t you think its time?’ Each day I look at you and beat myself up not knowing what the ‘right’ thing is. I have been assured by 3 different vets that you are NOT in pain. Although I could never really know if you are. You never act like you are hurting. There are highlights and glimmers of hope some days! How can we take you and ‘end your life’ when you come running around the corner for your food, slightly wag your tail at me or have a very short play with the hose!? How can I? People keep telling me ‘you’ll just know when the time is right.’IMG_5301Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 8.06.36 am

Australia day and from the back yard I hear Dad yell out, something is happening again. This time it’s completely different, you look like you are ‘there’, that you know what is happening but your legs are starting to give out. You yelp in pain (the most I’ve heard from you in months). Dad pushes your stomach and you seem to come ‘good’. Apparently you had a chicken frame lodged in your tummy, but the vet can not be entirely sure to rule out a ‘seizure’ as such. I can be sure that I have definitely gained a few extra wrinkles and possibly some grey hair though.Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 8.06.02 am

This vet visit also uncovered that your liver is enlarged and starting to struggle with the medications. This is not good and the medication needs to be drastically reduced if there is any chance of healing the liver and not having your body give up! If we drop the medication, the results could end up in seizures! There is only one option! Decrease the meds as quickly and safely as we can and hope for the meningitis to be under control or gone!! We have come this far and we are not giving up! The Natural Vets are sending some more homeopathic drops to support the liver also. I’m not going to lie, we have so many bad days, some ‘ok’ days and some very fleeting good days. We live for those good days and on many other days I want to lay there and cry for you to just be better!Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 8.06.09 am

We have made the call that if this doesn’t work and you are not clear of your illness and the seizures return, then we will let you rest! Medication has now dropped to the lowest its ever been and you are doing great! It does however still have to come lower. You are still showing signs of organ damage, your skin is starting to get irritated (also caused by the medication) and your eyes are sore and infected. thumbnail.jpg

This last drop in March, I have noticed a change. You fell over and scared me half to death and then it happened, you got scared and started panicking and running in circles, panting hard, and not knowing what was happening. It only lasted a small while, but my heart was instantly crushed. I knew this was it. We couldn’t let you fight anymore. Willis1.jpg

And….. you know what? Today as I sit here typing this blog about you and how much you meant to us, I still can’t bare to think that we made the ‘right’ decision. I did not once feel like you wanted to give up! I did NOT ‘just know’ when the time was right like many said. I could have easily taken you home on Saturday and kept on fighting. I let my gut override my heart for the first time since you have been sick. I only did it because I would absolutely hate myself if I was not there when you had another episode.

My heart is sitting so deep in my chest that it actually hurts to breath. My throat is constricted and feels like it is about to close up. My eyes are burning balls of fire and blur. We did absolutely everything that we possibly could and yet I feel like it was not enough, I feel like we gave up on you! Many people thought that we were stupid to try so much, so hard for so long. Many people said that they would never have done such a thing and thats ok because you were ours and not theirs. We loved you like you were our child and I would never have given up on a child without a dogfight!

I know that the pain will eventually ease but that will take a very long time. You were pretty much our every waking moment over the last 6 months and I will never regret any single second from the moment we called you our own.  Ella has not left your bed since you left and she is missing you just as much as we are.

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 7.36.55 amScreen Shot 2018-04-01 at 7.36.19 amW1WDay11W2Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 7.46.30 am

We will never stop loving you big guy! We are so sorry that we gave up the fight and we hope you know how much we love you ❤ We will miss your happy smiling face, your whipping tail, mouth full of slobber, licking tongue and most of all your unconditional never ending love!

Much Love ❤
Mum, Dad and Lilli ❤

Before I let Willis continue on his journey to another lifetime, I want some people to know how grateful he is that they were in his life towards the very end!

The team at Queensland Veterinary Specialists in Stafford Heights.

Henry and the staff at The Natural Vets in Forrest Glen.

Harbour City Veterinary Clinic in Gladstone. A massive Thank you to Phil and Rebecca that have been with him from the very first ‘episode’ and right til the last seconds of his life. You guys and the vet nursing staff have been nothing short of amazing over the last 6 months. A special mention to Bec for your continued support and dedication to help find every way possible, with no questions asked to make him better and for not giving up on him until we were ready. We can never thank you enough!

My Family for always checking in on him whenever we needed you too and never complaining!


Over and out buddy! Fly high!







Week 12 ~ Uncovering Kindness ~ Gail Tobin featuring her husband, Tony.

Welcome to week 12!!! I hope everyone has had an awesome week! My weeks have been a slight blur lately… SOOOOOO much happening! Busy is good right? Keeps me on my toes and a friend said to me this morning… “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!” I reckon i’ll be entering the worlds strongest woman title this year ;p

Week 12’s community ‘angel’ isn’t so much a ‘whats happening now’ post as it is an appreciation post of all the good that has been done over many many years ❤

Meet Gail Tobin and her husband, Tony. Locals, since forever. Gail’s ‘story’ began a long time ago back at Gladstone West State School, where the passion for helping others by fundraising and donating became a normal thing! Gail was part of the P&F there for 20 years, some of which involved helping with Family Fun nights, mothers/fathers day stalls and general fundraising throughout the year for the school.


Gail also spent 10 years helping Rosella Park School to raise funds for their little specialty school and for improvements to the facilities over those years also. IMG_5628

Together, Gail and Tony spent 6 years helping with the Civic Beautification Committee in which Gail spent 2 years as secretary and Tony, 2 years as Vice President. IMG_5630

There have been many ‘rough’ times for people over the years and Gail and Tony have helped in many ways. In 2013 when the floods ripped through Bundaberg and brought much devastation to the whole town, Gail organised a donations drop off point for anyone that wanted to help ‘rebuild’ the town. This was such an amazing help to the victims who were in crisis. Tony and Gail spent 5 months of driving from Gladstone to Bundaberg and delivering many much needed supplies and help for the people that were affected by this disaster. They also spent Good Friday delivering easter eggs to the kids in Bundy that year ❤857201_147620525403781_1471375199_oFloods copy

The year after the floods in 2014, Gail started a ‘small’ fundraiser in Gladstone for the farmers out West that were mid drought with no end in sight. The aim was to make their Christmas ‘brighter’ and they sure did that! Once the word got out, it snowballed, the radio got involved and then Rockhampton businesses got on board and started offering drop off locations for any donations. The donations were coming from all over Australia, including the donation of a truck to cart the supplies. Gail and Tony transported 30+ tonne of food and cash from Gladstone to Rockhampton for the famers that year… This amazing little project fed 500 families. What an awesome effort by everyone that was involved!1461027_386517584847406_232551598573893437_nFarmers copyFarmers0 copyFarmers1 (1) copyFarmers1 copyfarmers2 copyFarmers8 copyFarmers9 copy

Another little project that Gail was a part of called ‘Operation Christmas Child’ saw her filling approx. 40 shoe boxes with various gifts and supplies for less fortunate children. Gail did this every year for 10 years ❤1233107_219391298226703_1998553101_o

A few other little highlights for Gail include, 2 years volunteering at the children’s nature group at the Botanical Gardens, organising and hosting ‘The Biggest Morning Tea’ cancer fundraisers for 5 years and many other donations to schools and kindergartens. Tony is almost at his 50th blood donation but unfortunately Gail can not donate anymore because of a tick bite causing bacterial infection… also known as Lyme disease! They also donate and visit the kids from an orphanage in Bali each time they go.10984196_432450686920762_622826721445694943_o copyIMG_5633 copy22829084_903536976478795_8596119137164284269_o copyIMG_5634 copy

Tony and Gail always take the time to clean up rubbish whenever they are out and about including the Lillies Beach and South End.27479389_962726263893199_1528939050_o

Tony and Gail used to organise a ‘Clean up Australia Day’ crew every year for many years, but have had a break for a while. This year it was held on the 4th March and they decided to register! I signed up and went along… We cleaned up the mangroves on the Boyne River! I think that we could have made a movie about mud monsters by the end of the 2 hours. There were ripped pants and shoe blow outs, resulting in keeping every right shoe, thong, croc that we found buried deep in the mud ;p Sweat, mud and dreads getting stuck in the branches, but it was definitely a very fun and successful morning! We even found a message in a bottle! DSC_1215 copyDSC_1218 copyDSC_1220 copyDSC_1221 copyDSC_1224 copyDSC_1231 copyIMG_5629

Gail, it only took weeks of convincing from everyone to allow me to blog about your amazing generosity over many many years and I am so so thankful that you did! This really shows that a little bit of kindness goes a long way and can ‘hit’ so so many people in need!

Tony and Gail, thank you for being my week 12 genuine kindness ‘angels’! ❤ You have both done so much good and I am sure that lots and lots of people are so very grateful!


~”You will never regret being kind”~




Much Love
Lisa ❤

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